D&D 5E Changes in Interpretation


I typically use the non-simulation style when playing one-offs, or when ad-libbing in games with light rules, but I cannot understand using it in a game like D&D, with its tight mathematical rules.
Besides 4e D&D, games that I know that have D&D-style "tight mathematical rules" and which also use [MENTION=6696971]Manbearcat[/MENTION]-style "fiction first" narration of complications and consequences include Burning Wheel, HeroWars/Quest, The Dying Earth and Maelstrom Storytelling are. One may or may not like that mechanical style, but I don't think it's that hard to understand. The mathematical resolution creates intricate decision-points and points for the introduction of consequences/complications. Which a "fiction first", "genre logic" game needs, to drive the action forward.

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