Free [Chaosium] 183 pages of free Call of Cthulhu resources: download our handouts packs for the new Nameless Horrors

Michael O'Brien

Nameless Horrors 2nd edition
Download for free! Keeper resources, maps, character sheets, and every player handout for our latest Call of Cthulhu release Nameless Horrors 2nd Edition. Print them and use them again and again!

Nameless Horrors contains six scenarios for Call of Cthulhu, each taking place in a different setting and time period—perfect for one-shot games, and for kicking off a new and unique campaign.

Nameless Horrors free downloads pack at

You can download these free Keeper and Investigator handouts directly from the Nameless Horrors product pages at (available in hardback+PDF, leatherette+PDF, and PDF), and at our page.

Nameless Horrors Handouts examples

Please note, all handouts and maps required for play are already included in the book. These free, easy-to-print downloads are provided for the extra convenience of Keepers and players.

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