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Coming [Chaosium] A virtual convention for independent Call of Cthulhu creators - Miskatonic Repository Con (Oct 17-18)

Michael O'Brien


Miskatonic Repository Con is a two-day virtual convention, organised by fans, celebrating the Miskatonic Repository, Chaosium's community content platform for Call of Cthulhu on DriveThruRPG.

With Miskatonic Repository creators hailing from all parts of the world, the Convention is scheduled to run around the clock throughout the weekend of October 17-18.

Chaosium’s global community of players have a chance to see the best that Chaosium’s community creators have to offer. Keepers from the Cult of Chaos will be running gaming sessions, and Repository creators themselves can playtest their own scenarios.The Convention will also feature panels discussing writing and publishing on the Miskatonic Repository.

Featured panels include Publishing on the Miskatonic Repository and Writing for the Miskatonic Repository, with Chaosium's Mike Mason and Michael O'Brien, and Miskatonic Repository authors Jon Hook and Marek Golonka.

Submissions to run events at the convention are being accepted now (closes September 27). Player sign-ups open at the end of September.

For more information about the event, check out the Miskatonic Repository Con Facebook page, or contact the organisers by email: MiskatonicRepositoryCon@gmail.com.

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Michael O'Brien

Miskatonic Repository Con 2021
Miskatonic Repository Con starts this Friday (Oct 15th)!

Whether you share your content for free or put it up for sale, our thriving independent creator program at DriveThruRPG is a digital home for terror that joins the dreamscapes of all who peruse it. Learn all about the Miskatonic Repository at this online event!

Game Slots​

You will have the chance to play Miskatonic Repository scenarios prepared by their actual author!


Miskatonic Repository Con includes panels where you will be able to ask questions from some of the best creatives in Call of Cthulhu, who want to help you make your own scenarios!

Respect in Writing
  • When: Friday, October 15, 2021 @ 5P-6P EDT
  • Panelists: Lynne Hardy (Chaosium), Helen Gould, Oscar Rios, and Sam Riordin.
  • Topics include sensitivity, respect in writing, research, and steps that creators can take when presenting communities outside of their own with respect and consideration.
  • Moderator: Chairperson Heinrich Moore
Agents of Chaos: The Chaosium Ambassadors Panel
  • When: Saturday, October 16, 2021 @ 6P-7P EDT
  • Panelists: Allan Carey, Nick Brooke, and Bridgett Jeffries.
  • Topics include Print on Demand, branding, creative and most effective marketing methods, compliance, community resources, pricing, etc.
  • Moderator: Chairperson Heinrich Moore
Dramatic Structure in Scenario Writing
  • When: Sunday, October 17, 2021 @ 11A-Noon EDT
  • Panelists: Sean Branney (HPLHS), Michael Fryda (RPG Imaginings), Lynne Hardy (Chaosium), Mike Mason (Chaosium)
  • Topics: Elements of a plot, building tension, developing strong characters, etc.
  • Moderator: Chairperson Heinrich Moore
For more information and registration details:
Call of Cthulhu Miskatonic Repository Con 2021

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