Press [Chaosium] And 2023 was a huge year for the Jonstown Compendium too! (RuneQuest & Glorantha)

Michael O'Brien

Jonstown Compendium titles
Congratulations Jonstown Compendium creators for RuneQuest and Greg Stafford's world of Glorantha!

Since the program commenced in December 2019 there have been some 349 independently-created titles added at DriveThruRPG, or an average of seven new titles every month!

And in October 2023 a highly significant milestone was achieved, with over 50,000 titles sold! This year alone, more than 80 new titles have been added!

Highlights of this extraordinary program include:
Here's to 2024: we can't wait to see what you create!

— from all the team at Chaosium.

Jonstown Compendium logo

The Jonstown Compendium is where you can find —and create —self-published material for your roleplaying in Glorantha with content for RuneQuest, along with the QuestWorlds, and 13th Age Glorantha systems.

Remember you like what you see in the Jonstown Compendium, remember to give the creators a star rating or even a review!

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Michael O'Brien

And congratulations to the talented RuneQuest creators behind the Top 6 best-selling Jonstown Compendium titles released in 2023!
  1. Harald Smith, for NOCHET: QUEEN OF CITIES
  2. Ian A. Thomson & Friends, inc., Peter Johansson, R. Andrew Bean, John R. Hutchinson, Graeme Prowse, for OLD PAVIS: THE CITY THAT TIME FORGOT
  4. Simon Bray & Friends, inc., Nick Brooke, Mark Galeotti, Michael O’Brien, Chris Gidlow, for FURTHEST: CROWN JEWEL OF LUNAR TARS
  5. Nick Brooke, for CRIMSON KING
  6. Ian A. Thomson & Friends, inc, Mike Dawson, John Hughes, Vincent Jugie, Cristoph Koring, Mitch Lockhart, Sergio Mascarenhas, Erik Nolander, Soren Petersen, Simon E. Phipp, Graeme Prowse, Jeff Richard, Bo Rosen, Alban Schmid, Robert Wolfe, for PAVIS COUNTY & BEYOND: SECRETS OF THE BORDERLANDS.
Do check these out, and the many other amazing independent RuneQuest Glorantha releases in the Jonstown Compendium at DriveThruRPG. And if you like what you see, our creators love it when you leave star rating or even a review!


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