Press [Chaosium] Award-winning artist Loïc Muzy joins Chaosium

Michael O'Brien


Chaosium Inc, publisher of the Call of Cthulhu and RuneQuest tabletop roleplaying games, welcomes award-winning artist Loïc Muzy to the Chaosium team. Loïc has formally joined the company as Staff Artist.


A professional illustrator in France for more than 10 years, Loïc works mainly in the field of role-playing games. His award-winning work is well known from the English and French editions of Call of Cthulhu, and can be seen in other RPG lines including Les Lames du Cardinal.

Loïc's cover art for the critically acclaimed 2019 Call of Cthulhu release Berlin the Wicked City won multiple awards. His art for 2017's Petersen Field Guide to Lovecraftian Horrors won the Gold ENnie for Best Interior Art. Loïc's work also features extensively in Chaosium's new edition of The Malleus Monstrorum, a two volume collection that vividly portrays over 250 alien and otherworldly horrors of the Cthulhu Mythos.


"The Lovecraft Mythos is a something of a red thread in Loïc's career; to date, he has produced more than 1000 illustrations for this universe – but we're delighted he likes to experiment with new settings too, such as RuneQuest's world of Glorantha", said Chaosium creative director Jeff Richard.

Loïc's current major project is working closely with Jeff on The Gods of Glorantha, a monumental compendium of all the religions in Greg Stafford's Glorantha, setting for the RuneQuest RPG.


Loïc Muzy company bio here: Loïc Muzy

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Michael O'Brien

Ok, so we were just about to post a review of the old RuneQuest Classic title Plunder (1980) which noted it features "the only example of a cheesecake cover in Chaosium’s history" and then Loïc Muzy comes up with this for the forthcoming Cults of Glorantha book!

A Stranger came ashore in 1313. He quickly proved himself greater than any mortal, and knew secrets known only to the gods. In a great magical war, he overthrew the Lord of Darkness, the Only Old One, and united the peoples around the Bay into the Holy Country. For three centuries, the Stranger did rule as the God-King Belintar.
And he had quite the fan club!

nb Possibly NSFW

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