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Press [Chaosium] Call of Cthulhu's popularity has 'significant jump' on Roll20: Q2 2021 Orr Report

Michael O'Brien


"Call of Cthulhu, maintained its third-place slot from Q1 2021, but saw an increase overall from 10.95% to 16.3%. That’s a significant jump, and the system’s ever-increasing global popularity no doubt has a big hand in making it happen."Orr Report Q2 2021.

As we add yet more Call of Cthulhu releases, it continues to the second-most popular game system on the Roll20 Virtual Tabletop!

Check out these current Roll20 titles:

Call of Cthulhu Roll20

For useful tips and advice about playing Call of Cthulhu and other Chaosium games online, see our helpful Getting Started with Online Gaming guide

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