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[CHAOSIUM] Chaosium coming to NecronomiCon Providence (Aug 22-25, 2019)

Next week Chaosium will be at NECRONOMICON PROVIDENCE, the expansive exploration and celebration of all the greats of weird fiction, including predecessors and contemporaries of Providence’s H.P. Lovecraft, and the many authors and artists who have forged their own paths of weird.

Our team members MIKE MASON, LYNNE HARDY, JAMES LOWDER, and NICK NACARIO will be in attendance, and participating in a packed program of panels and games: everything they're getting up to at the link:

Chaosium is coming to NecronomiCon Providence next week (Aug 22-25)

We'll also have the latest Call of Cthulhu releases at our booth, including 'The Shadow Over Providence', produced specially for the convention.

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