Release [Chaosium] Chaosium releases The Stafford House Campaign to mark the fourth anniversary of Greg Stafford's passing

Michael O'Brien


Greg Stafford, legendary game designer and founder of Chaosium, passed away four years ago today. To mark the occasion, Chaosium has released The Stafford House Campaign, a collection of Greg Stafford's RuneQuest Campaign Essays from 1978-1981.

Be transported in time to the earliest days of tabletop roleplaying games with the first volume of Chaosium’s Archival collection: The Stafford House Campaign.

Greg Stafford’s RuneQuest house campaign has a kind of legendary status among fans of the game. Many of the original RuneQuest playtesters took part in it, which was hosted either at the Stafford home on Evelyn Avenue in Berkeley, or the first Chaosium office nearby.

"We are fortunate that Greg kept notes of what went on, and often recorded player and player character information. We hope to uncover more such documents over time" said Chaosium President Rick Meints.

This 84 page collection is available in Print (POD) $14.99 (price includes PDF) and PDF $7.99.

The first two chapters of this collection are also available to download for FREE.

The extensive notes compiled across this volume give unparalleled insight into the birth of RuneQuest, as seen through the eyes of the architect of Glorantha himself. He is greatly missed. #weareallus

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