Press [Chaosium] Chaosium will be at Dragonmeet 2023, London UK

Michael O'Brien


Chaosium will be at Dragonmeet on Saturday 2nd December at the Novotel Hammersmith, London UK.

In attendance from the Chaosium team will be Nick Brooke, Ian Cooper, Jason Durall, Paul Fricker, Lynne Hardy, Mike Mason, Keris McDonald, Jeff Richard, Neil Robinson, David Scott, and our special guest Ben Aaronovitch.

Come to our Booth on the upper level (see map) and get your books signed! We'll have a big range of current releases.

Plus, following the success of our community content pop-up stores at Chaosium Con, UK Games Expo and PAX Aus, community ambassador Nick Brooke have a wide range of Miskatonic Repository and Jonstown Compendium print-on-demand books available to purchase.

And hear about what's new and what's coming at our Chaosium Panel at 1:00PM in Seminar Room #3.

Map by Jog Brogzin
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Michael O'Brien


Chaosium Community Content Booth​

Chaosium Community Content has its own dedicated stand on the ground floor this year: you can head there to pick up our creators’ latest and greatest releases from the Miskatonic Repository (Call of Cthulhu) and Jonstown Compendium (RuneQuest), which are usually only available via print-on-demand mail order from DriveThruRPG. But don’t leave it too late!

You will also get a chance to chat with our community content ambassador Nick Brooke. Booth 61, Lower Trade Hall.


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