Free [Chaosium] Check out these fan-created Autocalc Character Sheets for Call of Cthulhu

Michael O'Brien

John Hughes CoC character sheets
Long-time Call of Cthulhu fan and co-contributor to Terror Australis 2nd edition John Hughes has created a downloadable autocalc character sheet set as a free resource for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying community.

Features of John's character sheet set include:
  • a clean, uncluttered design;
  • autocalc functionality with default skill stats and automatic calculation of derived statistics;
  • custom graphics capability including an image library with twenty-two portraits, fifteen general images, and character silhouettes: androgynous, female, and male. You can also add your own images.

  • a link to the CoC7 Quick Start rules;
  • a Clear All button; and
  • minor tweaks including relationship and character arc fields.
Check out an example of a completed character sheet here.
Sample Sheet
John recommends using a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat to fill in your own sheets.

John says "Please share and enjoy!" Download the sheets for free via John's website:

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