Press [Chaosium] Coming to Chaosium Con 2024 - Home of the Bold, the epic Gloranthan freeform

Michael O'Brien

Home of the Bold is coming to Chaosium Con 2024 in Ann Arbor MI! Last run over 20 years ago, this epic 50 person freeform game now returns remastered and fully re-written to be better than ever!


Boldhome! The impossible city! Capital city of Sartar’s dynasty and for the last twenty-three years occupied by the Lunar Empire following their brutal conquest. While the fires of freedom still burn across the land, the imminent consecration of the New Moon Temple threatens to snuff them out once and for all! It’s the beginning of the Hero Wars. Can your actions make history?

A unique role playing opportunity that’s perfect for Gloranthan veterans, those who are new to the RuneQuest TTRPG, and people with just love LARPing, Home of the Bold is a rules light, highly immersive live-action play experience set in Lunar-occupied Boldhome in late 1625. Gathered in the city over a week of game time are Lunar bureaucrats and soldiers, Sartarite client kings and queens, spies and ambassadors and various residents of the city, both reputable and disreputable!

The game runs over eight hours on the Saturday afternoon/evening, including a break of one hour for dinner.

In a live-action game everything happens in three dimensions - parts of the convention venue are transformed into locations within the city of Boldhome. Some movement around the city will, of course, be restricted according to your character's background or occupation - Lunars enter Geo’s Inn at their peril! Many players enjoy costuming for their character, while some prefer to leave it to the imagination (Director’s tip: even a simple hat looks terrific!). Ultimately, it's up to you, but if everyone costumes up it will make for an amazing spectacle!

Home of the Bold is brought to you by the original creators, the Reaching Moon Megacorp (David Hall & Kevin Jacklin).

Chaosium’s Nick Brooke reminisces and states, “Home of the Bold was a successful Gloranthan game that worked on a large scale because it gave the players enough information to enjoy themselves, without expecting them to know every detail of the world. It was happy to use cliches and stereotypes, if that made for more fun for more players. It didn't get hung up on small details, and was happy to work with a broad brush.”

Join us for this epic opportunity to create new stories and experience Greg Stafford’s Glorantha!

Be part of Home of the Bold at Chaosium Con!​

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When: Saturday, April 20, 2024 from 1:00PM EST - 9:00PM EST

Cost: $40/player.

Sign-Up Procedures: Home of the Bold is CURRENTLY available for player sign-ups. YES, we’re able to open this epic opportunity AHEAD of our scheduled event registration.

Spaces are strictly limited, so sign up NOW!

To Sign-up in Table Top Events:

  1. Purchase a badge to Chaosium Con 2024 in Ann Arbor MI
  2. Log into Tabletop Events
  3. Click: Buy Tickets
  4. The only available event currently is Home of the Bold Freeform
  5. Select: Buy next to Home of the Bold Freeform
  6. Select: Buy a ticket
  7. Select: Checkout
  8. Complete transaction
In the event that the minimum player requirement is not met, Chaosium will offer a full refund.

[Art by Hazem Ameen, from the coming Sartar sourcebook]

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