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Release [Chaosium] Comparing DriveThruRPG's 'premium' and 'standard' POD with 'The Company of the Dragon' (Jonstown Compendium)

Michael O'Brien

Print-on-demand titles at DriveThruRPG are now available in two formats: standard and premium. (And premium is a lot more expensive).

Andrew Logan Montgomery recently received copies in both formats of his latest work in the Jonstown Compendium, Chaosium's community content program for RuneQuest and Glorantha. He has shared a comparison between the two versions. Here's what he said:

"In answer to several inquires I was finally able to take a look tonight at the Standard versus Premium color editions of The Company of the Dragon.
For starters the covers are identical, the binding is the same, and the paper weight is identical. The Standard lays flat like the Premium and the paper is just as heavy. What I see, side by side, is that the Standard looks just a bit faded and a lot more flat. The colors do not seem as deep. And the Premium is glossier. It seems most noticeable to me with the maps and the blue colored chapter plates.

All in all I gotta say both are very attractive books, and I am pleasantly surprised how well standard matches up. Hope this helps!"

The Company of the Dragon is the sequel to the Gold best-selling Six Seasons in Sartar. Both are available in PDF and POD from the Jonstown Compendium. Check out all the POD titles in the Jonstown Compendium here!

nb this applies to all POD titles on DriveThruRPG.





Andrew Logan Montgomery's Jonstown Compendium Titles

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Michael O'Brien

I appreciate this side-by-side comparison.

Looks like standard will be good enough for me.
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