Free [Chaosium] Download the free handouts pack for The Shadow Over Providence Enhanced Edition (Call of Cthulhu)

Michael O'Brien

Shadow Over Providence handouts pack
Our newly-released Call of Cthulhu scenario The Shadow Over Providence: Enhanced Edition contains player handouts, maps, and non-player character portraits for this 1920s adventure. And six pre-generated investigators which allow you to jump right into the horror!

Shadow Over Providence
We've put them all these resources together in a Free Handouts Pack: download and use them again and again! We've even included Pulp Cthulhu and plain text versions of the pre-gen characters!

Shadow Over Providence Characters

The Shadow Over Providence - Enhanced Edition is available now:​

The original edition was written in 2019 to celebrate NecronomiCon, the international conference and festival of Weird Fiction, Art, and Academia which takes place bi-annually in Providence. The author is Jon Hook of the Modern Mythos Podcast. This updated, full color edition includes all new art, new maps, and new player handouts.

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