Press [Chaosium] Free "PDF" announced for Chaosium's clay tablet cuneiform edition of RuneQuest

Michael O'Brien


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Free "PDF" announced for Chaosium's clay tablet cuneiform edition of RuneQuest

Ypsilanti, MI. April 1, 2022

Last April, Chaosium took Bronze Age authenticity to the next level by announcing the cuneiform edition of RuneQuest, their popular heroic fantasy tabletop RPG. Consisting of 360 individual clay tablets, the edition instantly won over core fans of the game, who loved its Ancient World verisimilitude but decried its cumbersome weight (a substantial 10.08 kilograms).

"We've received a lot of complaints about hernias, stress fractures, and broken gaming tables," said Ea-nasir, Chaosium's hardworking customer service representative in Ur. "To address these concerns, we've come up with an innovation we're calling a PDF — short for Papyrus Delivery Format."

Customers who buy the PDF first will get the price of the PDF off the cuneiform edition, costs redeemable through a clay tablet coupon created by our highly trained scribes at the time of your order.

With the current global supply chain issues and ongoing invasion of the Sea Peoples, customers should be aware the system may have its teething problems, but we are certain RuneQuest fans will enjoy this more portable PDF edition as much as they enjoyed its heftier predecessor. As always, please direct all comments, complaints, and concerns to Ea-nasir. (He's used to it.)

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