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Graveyards of Arkham Cast Introductions

As with anthology series like American Horror Story, Graveyards of Arkham will feature both new cast, new characters, and returning cast taking on brand new roles for this story.


The talent behind Judith Van Horne—the occultist who’d never been in a bathroom with other people before—returns for Graveyards of Arkham. Lucia Versprille is the creator of The Islands of Sina Una: a Campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons that pulls from the pre-colonial mythology and culture of the Philippines. Lucia is also a freelance Art Director, working on projects for RuneQuest and Call of Cthulhu at Chaosium.


The soulful bruiser Mickey Sykes was brought to life in Bookshops of Arkham by actor Patrick Logan, and we are very excited to announce Patrick's return. An actor, writer, and director, Patrick released Gordon: A Batman Fan Film on YouTube in February 2023.


A familiar face to tabletop enthusiasts, Noura Ibrahim is known for a number of TTRPG Actual Play series including Black Dice Society, Chaosium’s Stream of Chaos, various shows on the Glass Cannon Network, and of course Vampire: The Masquerade’s LA By Night as the Lasombra Ib.


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Michael O'Brien


Thank you so much to our new backers!

Paula Deming and Cynthia Marie and will be joining us along with the folks at Good Time Society for Graveyards of Arkham!
Check out the Kickstarter here:

Michael O'Brien

Five days to go and we haven't lost the plot... did you know the Sears catalog once offered tombstones by mail order? We're currently looking at those for inspiration for our Old Arkham Cemetery backer levels in the Graveyards of Arkham Kickstarter.


Our fiendishly inventive friends at the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society are creating a circa 1922 map of the Old Arkham Cemetery for us, detailing every individual plot and family crypt. You know this graveyard map is going to be amazing, as they have already won the ENNIES Product of the Year twice for their stunningly authentic props. You'll even be able to order a physical copy.


And back at $99 and above, and you'll be able to reserve one of those plots, pick out a headstone, and write your own epitaph!


You'll even get an officially notarised plot certifcate, signed by Klaus Mehler, the current custodian of the Old Arkham Cemetery.

What would your epitaph be? You can literally say (almost) anything here.*


* if deemed inappropriate, or copyright infringing, you will be asked to update your epitaph.

What would your epitaph be? Support our Kickstarter today!

Michael O'Brien

We're pleased to announce a new stretch goal: at $40,000 Andrew Leman, one of the principals of the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society, will join the cast as a guest NPC!


One of the founding members of the HPLHS, Andrew co-writes, produces, and performs in their Dark Adventure Radio Theatre series, and uses his prodigious skills as a graphic and type designer to help create their amazing prop sets that have won critical acclaim and numerous awards. Do check out the HPLHS's latest incredible prop set: the Arkham Investigator's Wallet!

Andrew has been a Call of Cthulhu player since his college days. He earned his MFA in acting from the University of Illinois, and has been seen on professional stages in Chicago and Los Angeles.

In addition to Andrew's appearance as a guest NPC, the HPLHS are supporting the Graveyards of Arkham project in several important (and fun) ways:
  • You'll see the HPLHS's wryly authentic advertisements on the Arkham Map. Explore the legend-haunted city with the massive 7000 x 5400 pixel download for all backers $19 up, and as a physical map in a rolled tube at certain higher levels. The printed map also available as an add-on at any level.
  • The HPLHS are also creating a circa 1922 map of the Old Arkham Graveyard for us, detailing every individual plot and family crypt! Specific backer levels allow you to reserve a graveyard plot of your own, pick out a headstone from our selection of master masonry, and write your epitaph. There's even your own notarised Plot Certificate, created by the HPLHS to look like an authentic document from the period!
Thank you everyone for your support! If, like us, you’d like to see Andrew join the Graveyards team, be sure to update your pledge with some of our new add-ons, or back the project today to help us reach this goal!

- The Chaosium Team

Michael O'Brien


Graveyards of Arkham stars play at Gen Con!

Light night at Gen Con three of the stars of Graveyards of Arkham were part of our All-Star Call of Cthulhu game! Before a sold-out audience Graveyards stars Mark Meer, Josephine McAdam and Noura Ibrahim were joined by Luis Carazo and Harli Kane, playing the Call of Cthulhu scenario 'The Dead Boarder' from Gateways to Terror. It sure was a spooky fun ride with a hell of crowd!

The game was shown live on Gen Con Twitch, and will later be available on YouTube!



And today at Gen Con, Graveyards of Arkham stars Mark Meer, Patrick Logan, and Josephine McAdam will be meeting fans at the Chaosium booth 509 today at 2:30pm!

There are just three days to go in our campaign. Our next Stretch Gaol at $40,000 is in reach: the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society's Andrew Leman joining Graveyards the cast as a guest NPC.

If you'd like to see more of these talented players taking on the Mythos, please spread the word and help us reach this goal!

- The Chaosium Team

Michael O'Brien

Just Over Two Days to Go!

With a little more than two days to go, our Graveyards of Arkham Kickstarter campaign is closing on $40,000 and 600 backers. It would be great to achieve both goals, and we have the time to do it!


Have you picked your Old Arkham Graveyard Cemetery Plot yet? Update your pledge with some of our new add-ons, or back the project today to help us reach this goal!

ENNIE Awards

Bookshops of Arkham, the predecessor to Graveyards of Arkham, was nominated for Best Podcast in this year's ENNIE Awards. The awards were last night and while Bookshops didn't win it's a great honour that out of the thousands of entries, the judging panel signalled out Bookshops for consideration*.

Congratulations to Seth Skorkowsky (gold) and the How we Roll Podcast (silver), two worthy winners, and both shows that prominently feature Call of Cthulhu.

We were also delighted that the Miskatonic Repository creation Host and Hostility: Three Regency Cthulhu Scenarios won the silver ENNIE for Best Electronic Book and Rivers of London: The Roleplaying Game won the silver ENNIE for Best Rules.

Congratulations to all the other ENNIES winners and nominees! Many thanks to the ENNIES judges for shortlisting our products, and the members of the Chaosium tribe, fans, and supporters for your support.

*Many ENNIES voters were perplexed that Bookshops was in the Best Podcast category when it is not really a podcast, but we have no control over which ENNIES category things get nominated for.


Michael O'Brien

666 backers, 10 hours to go!


And we hit $40,000 - which means the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society's Andrew Leman will now be joining Graveyards of Arkham as a guest NPC!

Gen Con in Indianapolis has just wrapped up and we were excited to have the opportunity to meet up with many of the Graveyards of Arkham cast members:

Graveyards Keeper Mark Meer, and main cast members Noura Ibrahim and Josephine McAdam appeared in our sold-out Call of Cthulhu All-Star game on Thursday night. (And guest NPC Paula Deeming joined us at our pre-show dinner!)


The show was great fun and a taste of things to come with Graveyards of Arkham (when it's up on YouTube we'll post the link!)


Mark and Josephine joined by fellow main cast member Patrick Logan for a Meet & Greet at the Chaosium booth.


And that's Mark Meer as a Deep One, with our newly-announced guest NPC Andrew Leman of the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society! (Andrew is on the left of the picture)


We even had Bookshops of Arkham cosplay going on! Here's Bookshops of Arkham fan Kristen Vermilya who cosplayed as Hazel Berkovitch (played by the amazing Saige Ryan on our previous series)!


We're excited the Graveyards of Arkham campaign has gone so well! With your support we've gathered together an amazing cast of actual play experts, all genuine Call of Cthulhu fans who love the game. We're going couple this with high-level set decoration and costuming, and an incredible new Mythos tale. And there's still a bit of time left to get your friends on board, to join us in this world of wonder of horror!

Thanks from your friends at Chaosium!

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