Sale [Chaosium] It's Christmas in July at DriveThruRPG - Save up to 25% on more than 1,200 Chaosium titles

Michael O'Brien

Christmas in July 22 DTRPG
It's DriveThruRPG's annual Christmas in July sale — for the next seven days more than 1,200 Chaosium digital titles are up to 25% off! This is across all categories, including fiction, and our Jonstown Compendium, Miskatonic Repository, and Explorers Society community content programs.

Christmas in July 22
Hey, but wait – for RuneQuest Glorantha fans there’s more! Nick Brooke, our community content ambassador, notes that the magnificent fifty-player freeform Gloranthan LARP Life of Moonson came out twenty-five years ago. So as a 25th anniversary celebration, the creators have made print copies 25% off too!

"Hellenistic Greco-Romano-Persian-Arabian-Byzantine-Ottoman-French Revolutionary-Victorian-Soviet-Ingsoc types from Dune", is co-author Nick's in-a-nutshell and assuredly non-canonical description of the Lunar Empire, the traditional enemy in RuneQuest's Glorantha setting. Life of Moonson comes in two fat hardbacks: Book One - The Characters and Book Two - The Freeform.


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