Press [Chaosium] John Kovalic's Legendary Duck Tower limited edition poster is a fundraiser to help TTRPG legend Jennell Jaquays

Michael O'Brien

Legendary Duck Tower homage by John Kovalic

Did you know John Kovalic's popular comic series Dork Tower is an affectionate pun-on-a-pun, taken from Jennell Jaquays' "Legendary Duck Tower” for RuneQuest, itself a pun on Jennell's earlier D&D "Dark Tower" module?

Jennell Jaquays is a long-standing and multi-talented contributor to TTRPGs - as a designer, writer and artist. While she's created material for a host of game systems since the earliest days of roleplaying, we at Chaosium especially revere Jennell for her highly-regarded work for RuneQuest. This includes such iconic titles as Griffin Mountain and Cults of Terror, and of course the Judge's Guild's Legendary Duck Tower. What's more, Jennell did the earliest depiction of a TTRPG Duck, as cover art for Wyrm's Footnotes #8, drawn in 1979.

Sadly, Jennell is now critically ill, and John has created this cool limited edition poster to help! 100% of the proceeds from both the prints and the original art will go towards Jennell Jaquay’s GoFundMe.

You can purchase John's limited edition poster here:

You can donate to Jennell's GoFundMe here:

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