Press [Chaosium] Lords of the Middle Sea update: more Ossi art

Michael O'Brien


Lords of the Middle Sea: The Roleplaying Game is in development. Based on Lynn Willis's 1978 futuristic proto-Steampunk board game, set in the post-apocalyptic ruins of a flooded North America, the tabletop RPG utilizes a streamlined version of the Basic Roleplaying system.

Jason Durall, creative lead for the project, writes:

An update has been long overdue – though there is not a lot of visible news, behind the scenes things are moving along.

One of the biggest challenges to development is art, and the BRP art pipeline is stretched thin, as the lead developer on LotMS (me, Jason) is also handling editing and line editing on RuneQuest.

To ease this burden, I've brought on a part-time art director dedicated entirely to Lords of the Middle Sea. Once she's up and running we'll have more info to share.

For now, here's another piece of art from the game, courtesy of Ossi Hiekkala, who also did the cover art for LotMS and for the RuneQuest Starter Set. In this case, I suggested a piece depicting Professor Julietta de la Cruz, a "recent" addition to the crew of the Bella Dama, in a classic Indiana Jones style chase sequence. Ossi took that seed and gave us something completely magical, with the absolutely bonkers addition of guys on stilts, which I think is both hilarious and a bit creepy:

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