Press [Chaosium] O Canada! - Chaosium opens fulfilment warehouse in Canada

Michael O'Brien


Today, Chaosium has opened a new fulfilment warehouse in Canada. This warehouse is in addition to the existing Chaosium fulfilment centres in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Poland.

"We've been planning a warehouse north of the border for some time, as our many Canadian fans have found the cost of shipping from the United States to Canada to be prohibitive", said Chaosium COO Neil Robinson.

For now, a limited selection of core products is available in the Canadian warehouse, but this will be expanded soon. Please note we cannot split orders across warehouses. So do check the product inventory locations before you add to your cart.

COVID 19 PANDEMIC: despite the COVID-19 situation, all five Chaosium warehouses are currently operational and able to safely ship product. Chaosium has been regularly updating customers with shipping and fulfilment information: the latest update is here.

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Michael O'Brien


Shipping and Fulfilment Update - 9 Dec 2022: Chaosium suspends Canadian fulfilment centre operations​

Chaosium has regretfully suspended its Canadian fulfilment centre operations. This is due to poor service and lack of communication from our local partner in Canada.

Since shipping orders from the USA would result in Canadian customers being charged customs duties by the Canadian government, we have fully refunded all customers whose orders were in the backlog of unshipped physical items. We are doing this now in the hope that our Canadian customers will still have time to re-order any Holiday gifts they may have been waiting upon.

We are looking at new options for Canadian fulfilment, including other local warehouse partners.

Please note that our two Canadian distributors, Universal and Lion Rampant, are in no way affected by our turning website Canada shipments off. They both buy directly from our US Warehousing and Fulfillment company Bang/Sheridan. In fact, both recently placed orders which were shipped to their freight forwarders on the US-Canada border.

Please also note our existing Chaosium fulfilment centres in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Poland are unaffected.
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