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Coming [Chaosium] QuestWorlds Update: 2022 is going to be the year of Questworlds!

Michael O'Brien

A quick update from QuestWorlds line editor Ian Cooper:

"The first draft of the Questworlds Core Book is off to copy editing here at Chaosium!

Susan O'Brien will be polishing it up – I am really looking forward to the process of collaborating with her to make QuestWorlds better and take it to the next stage. I'm far too close to it now, to be capable of the alchemy that will turn lead into gold.

We are getting art in from Lionel Marty, including the character art shown above, and now I can focus on finishing art direction (and drawing up some charts etc.), whilst the book goes through the refiner's fire.

2022 is going to be the year of Questworlds!

And don't forget in the mean time you can always check out the SRD."

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QuestWorlds is Chaosium's rules-light RPG system that facilitates beginning play easily, and resolves conflicts in play quickly. It features an abstract, conflict-based, resolution method and scalable, customizable, character descriptions. Designed to emulate the way characters in fiction face and overcome challenges, it is suitable for a wide variety of genres and play styles.

For more about QuestWorlds, see: https://questworlds.chaosium.com

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Michael O'Brien


A status update from QuestWorlds line editor Ian Cooper:

"The Core Rules are currently in editing. As I wrote much of the manuscript, I asked Susan O'Brien to step in to edit the text. It was long enough that we breaking the manuscript into two parts. I have been through Susan's edits for the first half, and responded, which now need review. I am about to tackle the second half. It's worth taking our time to get this right as the edits will really help in our goal to make the rules clear to folks.

Art for Questworlds is by the amazing Lionel Marty and we are close to done. Lots of amazing art and our cover is already in. I have four more pieces of art direction to find time to write, and then we can close out this volume.

So we are at the point we where will begin conversations around planning for layout, graphic design and some of the additional elements like tables, charts, and character sheets.

We are close now. And once it is done, we can focus more fully on the second core book, Worlds and Quests."

Michael O'Brien


An update from QuestWorlds line editor Ian Cooper:

Editing. I am working through the Core book with a development editor (Susan O'Brien). As I wrote most of it, I can't also do development editing (that's marking your own homework). We are about 50% through that process.

Art: All but two pieces now in, that's on me to do art direction for the last two.

Once we have all that there are some conversations to be had around graphic design before going into layout.

I expect some tweaks/typos to go into the SRD. All minor, but I'll probably leave it to the end when we can get the final set in and move to v1.0

Steady progress, though it always feels slow at the end. As always it will be done when it's done.

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