Coming [Chaosium] Rare and precious items from the company archives to be on offer in the Collectables Auction at Chaosium Con

Michael O'Brien

Rick sorting through the Chaosium archives

Rick and Jeremiah are having an enjoyable weekend sorting through the secret vaults of the Chaosium archives. They're putting together the list of rare and precious items to be sold in the Chaosium Con Collectables Auction in April.

Chaosium Con is back for a second year, and the auction is one of the most anticipated events! There's also gaming, seminars, VIP sessions, the Great Market trade hall, and more!

Play Games. Make friends. Experience Chaosium like never before. For more information and to get your ticket go to our Chaosium Con 2023 Page.

Chaosium Con 2023

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Michael O'Brien

Here's a closer look at the precious items Rick and Jeremiah selected from the Chaosium vaults for April's Chaosium Con Collectables Auction. All items are in at least 'Excellent' condition; most are 'Near Mint' or 'Mint', some still in their original shrink-wrap!

The 2023 Auction catalog with pictures and descriptions is coming soon.

Please note, we are only selling a portion of what we have in the vaults each year.


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