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Kickstarter [Chaosium] Red Thread of Fate Kickstarter to launch on January 19, 2020

THE RED THREAD OF FATE is Brazilian-Icelandic designer Pedro Ziviani's game about love, poetry, and Japanese shapeshifters. His prototype was Winner of the 2017 Game Chef Award, and now Chaosium is excited to be producing the game for a general audience. This is a card-based game with RPG elements. We're launching the Kickstarter on January 19th, 2020.

Sign up to THE RED THREAD OF FATE PREVIEW LIST here and we'll let you know the moment our Kickstarter commences! Plus share previews with you in the lead-up...

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Dear friends, although Valentine's Day would be a perfect day to launch our RED THREAD OF FATE Kickstarter, a game about bringing together lost lovers, due to circumstances beyond our control sadly we can't launch today.

We'll announce a new launch date for the Red Thread of Fate Kickstarter soon! Sign up to our preview list for updates: https://mailchi.mp/chaosium/redthreadoffate

In the mean time, if there's someone special in your life we hope you have a wonderful day together!
—Chaosium Inc

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