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Press [Chaosium] Releasing August - Cults of RuneQuest: The Earth Goddesses

Michael O'Brien

Cults of RuneQuest: The Earth Goddesses

Cults of RuneQuest: The Earth Goddesses​

-- Releasing worldwide in August --

144 Pages
Hardcover, full color
ISBN: 978-1-56882-468-0
Authors: Greg Stafford, Jeff Richard
Cover Art: Loïc Muzy
Interior Art: Loïc Muzy, Agathe Pitié, Katrin Dirim

Cults of RuneQuest: The Earth Goddesses is the third book in the new Cults of RuneQuest sourcebook series for the RuneQuest TTRPG. This book is the player’s guide to the earth pantheon, opening up character creation and advancement to a whole new level.

  • A player-facing RuneQuest supplement.
  • 16 cults, each of which can be used as the bases for a new RuneQuest character, offering a unique selection of spells, skills, and special traits.
  • Expand existing RuneQuest characters by adding cults from this book to their roster of worshiped gods.
  • Lore and history of the Earth gods pantheon.
  • Rules to advance your character to a God-Talker, Rune Priestess, or even a mighty Rune Lord!
This supplement requires only the RuneQuest core rules to play.

*price includes PDF when purchased direct from Chaosium.com and Friendly Local Game Stores that are part of the Bits & Mortar initiative.

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Michael O'Brien


Two new books in our Cults of RuneQuest series releasing worldwide August 17th!​
  • The Lightbringers - USD$39.99​
  • The Earth Goddesses - USD$37.99​

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