Coming [Chaosium] Save the date! The inaugural Chaosium Con is coming to Ann Arbor MI, 8-9 April 2022

Michael O'Brien


The Stars will align next year: that's when the inaugural Chaosium Con is happening: 8-9 April 2022. Save the date!

The location for Chaosium Con 1 is the Ann Arbor Marriot Ypsilanti at the Eaglecrest Golf Resort and Convention Centre, 17 miles west of Detroit Metro Airport (DTW).


More information to come!

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Michael O'Brien


Why In Ann Arbor, and not X or Y?

We know the area, it is close to several of our team, and is near a major international airport (DTW) and several major highways. Sure, there are MANY other places we could host this event at, including many overseas locations, but we have to start somewhere.

What about future Cons in other places?

That's certainly possible. This first con is sort of a proof of concept. Based on the success of the event and what we learn from it, we may have similar cons at different times and places, including overseas*.

Why April, 2022?

It's a decent time of year weather-wise in Michigan and not during peak travel season, so hotel rooms are more available and flights aren't as expensive. It also isn't competing with too many other cons.

Will a lot of the Chaosium team be there?

Yes, many of us already have it on our calendars. We are still working on the Guest of Honor list, but it will certainly include a number of people you think of when you think of Chaosium.

What kind of events will the con feature?

The focus will be on all of Chaosium's games, past, present, and future! Lots of games, freeforms, and seminars. It's your chance to meet many of our authors, artists, and editors. Feel free to contact us with event suggestions, especially if you want to help run them.

Will Chaosium be selling products and merch there?

YES. Rick is saving up POW to create a Great Market, as well as a special Chaosium collectables auction hosted by Mason & Meints. More than that? Other vendors? We'll see.

Badge and Hotel Costs? Transportation?

More on this soon.

How can I find out more?

Please sign up for our con mailing list: Chaosium Inc.

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*What happened to Chaosium Con Down Under?

We intended to hold Chaosium Con Down Under in Sydney, Australia in May 2020 but unfortunately it had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. That event was going to be our first 'proof of concept' for a Chaosium convention, but we've now shifted that focus to Ann Arbor. Large public events are still not possible in Australia due to restrictions on gatherings and travel, and regretfully we have had to shelve the idea of an Australian Chaosium Con indefinitely.
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