Press [Chaosium] Watch Acquisitions Inc play Call of Cthulhu before a massive audience at PAX AUS, with special guest Erika Ishii

Michael O'Brien


Not ready to let go of Halloween, quite yet? Watch our friends Acquisitions Inc play Call of Cthulhu, filmed before a massive audience in the main theatre at PAX AUS 2023 last month!

Featuring special guest Erika Ishii as Prosper Davis, recently un-licensed psychologist!

Erika is joined by Jerry Holkins (Omin Dran, Private Eye), Ryan Hartman (Randall "Peaches" McDonald, Ventriloquist-adjacent), Laura Stringer (H.P. Zorse, Greatest (?) Showman), and Keeper of Arcane Lore Kris Straub.


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