Release [Chaosium] What lurks in the Cellar? - a new Call of Cthulhu SoundSet from Syrinscape!

Michael O'Brien


The old wooden stairs creak ominously as you descend to the cellar floor, somehow feeling much further than it is. Even with a flickering lantern, the shadows seem to leap out at you. As you reach the bottom of the stairs, you hear the faint sound of something moving in the shadows, a strange wet gurgling sounds that chills you to the bone. Fear grips you as you realize you are not alone…

What lurks in the cellar?

With the new Call of Cthulhu: Cellar SoundSet from our friends at Syrinscape, it can be so many nightmarish things! With incredible music and horrifying sound fx, this SoundSet will have your players on the edge of sanity.

Ben from Syrinscape shows off what's in the Cellar SoundSet:

Gateways to Terror
This SoundSet is perfect for use with What's in the Cellar?, one of the three scenarios found in Call of Cthulhu's Gateways to Terror.

Did a respected businessman really commit the bloody murder of his beloved wife in the cellar of the family's ancestral holiday cabin? While the body has never been found, it seems like the criminal has been caught. Is a terrible injustice about to be served? Just what happened in that cellar?
Available now!

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