Press [Chaosium] What the Holiday Gift Guides Recommend (Unnatural Selections)

Michael O'Brien


This is the time of year for Holiday Gift Guides – and here are some that feature Chaosium releases!

James Lowder's Top Games to Gift 2021 – (Lake Effect WUWM 89.7 Milwaukee)

In Chaosium executive editor James Lowder's annual "Games to Gift" radio segment for WUWM 87.9 Milwaukee, one of his selections was the RuneQuest Starter Set. He said this beginner box is,

"A great place to start for players looking to try out the RuneQuest game system, explore the richly developed world of Glorantha, or tell a new kind of fantasy story around their table."

d20 Radio’s 2021 Gift Guide

Egg Embry also suggests the RuneQuest Starter Set in d20 Radio's Holiday Gift Guide:

"It’s time to get back to d100 fantasy RPG with Chaosium’s quickstart version of RuneQuest... As a gift, it’s exactly what any fantasy RPGer is going to enjoy."

EuroCultAV Holiday Gift Guide - Books & Games

In their Holiday Gift Guide EuroCultAV writes:

"A few years back I got a copy of Chaosium’s excellent starter set for [Call of Cthulhu], and have been running a twice-monthly game since.

Of course, when a company makes your favorite game you tend to wonder what else they do, and that is RuneQuest which has a deep history in the realm of RPG.

Last month the company released the RuneQuest Starter Set, which is worth every single penny if you have ever been curious about this game. Like Call of Cthulhu’s set it has a solo quest, and a few adventures to get you started. It has a starter ruleset, a history of Glorantha, and basically everything to lull you into being a hardcore Glorantha dweller.

Did Chaosium outdo themselves here? I’d say yes."


EuroCultAV also recommends our Call of Cthulhu campaign The Children of Fear:

"This is the big Call of Cthulhu campaign to hit in 2021. Children of Fear is a marvellously distinct campaign for the Call of Cthulhu RPG that takes a group of investigators across the Indian subcontinent, and on an adventure unlike any they’ve ever probably been on in a Call of Cthulhu RPG adventure. The book by Lynne Hardy is packed with great history, and is set up in such a way that a keeper is given so many options on how to run this one."

Roll20 Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Dylan at Roll20's Holiday Gift Guide recommends the Roll20 version of the Call of Cthulhu Starter Set:

"Everything you need to get started, including three scenarios for investigators and one solo adventure just for you, setting up the basics of the system while you explore the Cthulhu mythos."


K.M Alexander's 2021 Cosmic Horror Holiday Gift Guide

Author K.M. Alexander's 2021 Cosmic Horror Gift Guide recommends the Sense Impacts Soundtrack (which BTW is currently 50% off):

"The Venn Diagram of TTRPG players and Lovecraft Enthusiasts is nearly a circle, so I’m sure most of you are familiar with Call of Cthulhu publisher Chaosium. Well, to aid in creating the proper atmosphere for your next gaming session, they’ve partnered with Chad Fifer (of H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcraft fame) to assemble a soundtrack of ambient soundscapes to enhance your tabletop experience."


GameOn Aus 2021 Table-Top RPG Gift Guide

In GameOnAUS's 2021 Table-Top RPG Gift Guide Royce Wilson recommends Cults of Cthulhu (an "indispensible reference", in GameOnAUS's full review, in fact):

"Cthulhu might be a quasi-omnipotent Cosmic Old One, but he still needs minions on Earth to do his hideous bidding – minions who tend to operate as cults... It’s a surprisingly detailed sourcebook, to the point where its appeal goes beyond the RPG elements and it would be interesting reading for any fan of the Cthulhu Mythos – making it an appealing gift for the Lovecraftian Horror fan in your life."


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