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Coming [Chaosium] Y’all of Cthulhu: the Ain’t Slayed Nobody podcast is returning with 2nd Season on March 1

Michael O'Brien


Ain’t Slayed Nobody is a comedy-horror tabletop role-playing game podcast that boasts thousands of listeners and subscribers from all over the world, and they are back with a new season!
Down Darker Trails

The new season takes place in Texas using Call of Cthulhu’s Down Darker Trails setting, and the player-characters are members of a traveling medicine show. The cast includes new talent, London Carlisle, Rina Haenze, and Bridgett Jeffries, alongside returning members, Jay Arnold, Wes Davis, Chuck Lawrence, Danny Scott, and Brandon Wainerdi. The story is written by Graeme Patrick and the show continues to be hosted and produced by cuppycup.

The 2nd season of Y’all of Cthulhu will be available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and most other podcast apps, as of March 1st, 2022.

Ain't Slayed Nobody also has a 10% off coupon at Chaosium.com – use the code "SLAYED10" for 10% off at checkout until December 31!

For more information about Ain’t Slayed Nobody, please visit https://www.aintslayednobody.com.

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