WOIN Character Descriptor [Career]

Greetings, to all, I am here with yet another question regarding the Wonderful system that is WOIN, the N.E.W Version.

Regarding the Descriptor of the character, when it comes to the Career:
Career. The career entry can be one of two choices. It can be the character’s current career, or it can be the character’s longest-serving career. If the longest-serving career is not the current career, it should be prefixed with “ex-” (for example, an ex-cop or an ex-marine)

The Longest-serving Career in question, would it be in regards to years or amount of grades?

And what if you have 5 different Grades from start, could you pick any of them as the Career Descriptor (with the appropriate ex- in front of them), if they had the same amount of years or grades?

As all ways, thank you for taking the time to think about and answer my question.


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Personally, I take the descriptor rules as more guidelines than actual rules. My current character started with the Deadeye trait, but I didn't think that was very relevant to his overall character so I omitted it from the descriptor at first. Now the character is much better at archery so I put "deadeye" back in the descriptor.