Level Up (A5E) Character Sheet Feedback/Suggestions


So a few bits of feedback/Suggestions/Gripes in regards to the character sheet from my group. I don't know if a revamp of the CS would even be done, but wanted to pass out thoughts along. Please also know that if I had any skill in creating my own I would totally do so.

1.) Add a place to put the initiative bonus in the initiative area. I know most people will only default to a straight ability/skill check, but it's easy enough to get other bonuses to initiative it would help to just have a set place to put those bonuses. One of my players is playing an Elven Swashbuckler so he gets his Wis mod (+1) and Cha mod (+3) to initiative checks and has been marking the +4 in an open area, but it would be cleaner/easier if there was a spot open in the initiative area on the sheet.

2.) All of my players and myself think it would make more sense to put the supply tracker with the equipment (maybe slightly reduce the treasure box section) and use the space where supply was to denote resistances/immunities/vulnerabilities. We've found that in combat situations it's generally faster and easier to have the pertinent information in the same general area so having this near the Attacks/HP/AC area helps "keep it in sight" as it were and we have yet to run into a situation where having instant access to the remaining supply amount was a factor.

Both are minor things, I know, but I feel both would be helpful.

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