[Chat-Based] Multiple World of Darkness Games "Text-Based MMO" [$15 Monthly]

Nox Aegis

Play Location/Method: We play via IRC & Discord. There are links to free apps for IRC on our Discord.

Game/System: We have a Mage, Werewolf, Vampire, Hunter, Wraith, and a Mixed WoD Chronicle all recently started or about to start. If you join a paid game for any of them, you can play all the others for free.

Player or GM? We have a staff of 4, generally someone is online to handle anything that comes up.

Time/Frequency: Staff run storyline focused scenes every few days, you can get with us to work out a time that's good for you. Casual RP with other players is 24/7, or you can write Journal Entries on our Discord if no one is around.

Genre: Modern Horror

Current needs: We just rebooted 95% of our Chronicles and are welcoming new players.

Accept Drop-In Players? We have some pregen characters with built in plot hooks that can be picked up and played the same day.

Accept Spectators? You can spectate or read archives of game sessions via the Discord, as long as you are playing in at least 1 game. You can also play in as many of the games as you want (we have 6), as long as you are in 1 Paid game.

Short description of the setting/campaign: A full description of our games can be found on our StartPlaying. You can join any game there, and it will give you the Discord link. Get with the Staff and you could start playing same-day. ( Nox Aegis Games )

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Nox Aegis


After some discussion among the Staff, we have decided to allow people to join the Discord since we actually have several different games going on. Anyone can play in one game with one character for free, with Paid Accounts getting 2x XP from roleplaying.

Nox Aegis

We have newly implemented stories to get into, and a couple of Chronicles just about to begin. Werewolves in a small town are dealing with hauntings and mysterious dark secrets. Vampires pushing to gain control of a city in a power vacuum. Mages investigating a VR game that causes people to slip into a coma and die. Wraiths and Mortals trapped in a purgatory of their own making, looking for answers.

We are beginner friendly, if you want to learn how to play we can absolutely show you.

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