Cheap fantasy minis!


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Read all about these cultists and snakedudes here.


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Hi !

I've just created a G+ communiy about 1/72 fantasy minis for rpg.

the name of the community : "1/72 - 20mm fantasy minis for rpg"
its ID : 113363218840328050806
(sorry but i'm not allowed to post links yet : h.t.t.p:(slashslash)plus(dot)google(dot)com/u/0/communities/113363218840328050806 )

I've started to use 1/72 scale minis (and painted my 1st mini ever !) 4 month ago. I do use only cheap minis & cheap paint (not dedicated to minis).

On the Web there are a few very good blogs (1Mac, you're Website is my bible :eek:), some threads on different message boards, but I haven't found any place where really share & discuss about the subject.

It would be a pleasure to see you in that new place !


PS : sorry for my "frenchy" english


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Thank you for the kind words! And cool idea. Other bloggers I'd consider contacting include Kris at Crooked Staff, Ron at 1/72 Fantasy Figures, KY at 1-72 Multiverse, and Paul at Paul's Bod's. Kris had a post here at ENWorld a few years ago that started me on this whole project, and I found Ron's blog soon after. KY has a lot of fantasy posts that I found very helpful, and while Paul is mostly a historical hobbyist, his focus on medieval figures complements fantasy gaming very well, and he does some fantasy stuff besides.

I haven't mess around with Google+, so it may take me a while to sign up, but I'll keep an eye on the group.


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Yeah, I know those awsome blogs, but it seems impossible to find e-mail contacts on blogspot...
Might you invite them if you're in touch with them ?
Thanks in advance.


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I'd just leave a comment on their blogs, maybe ask if they're interested before giving them a link so it doesn't seem like spam.


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you know what ?
You're my god ! ;)

Let me introduce some of my minis


Of course, you've recognized caesar miniatures (adventurer & undead) & aracne legions (hans)


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Looks great! I added a link on my blog to your Google+ page. I'll see if I can figure out how to join it.


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After cheap minis, I've tryed cheap modular dungeon tiles.
see you on G+

(damn photos & links restrictions !)


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