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I painted this Mines of Moria troll with the intent of using it as an ogre.


More here.

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Thank you for introducing me to 1/72 scale miniatures. I've been looking for various affordable stuff to dress my games (such as houses, well, towers, fortifications, tents, etc).

As soon as I get on my main PC, I'll add your blog to my RSS feed. :)

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Cheap minis is ALWAYS a welcome idea. I always scan the cheap toy sections looking for things I can mount on little bases and use on the battlemat. These figures look well crafted - best of luck!

aramis erak

Now in attractive BLOG form! Please stop by and comment if you are interested in hearing more about this topic.

New edit for July 2013: This is an old thread, but if you want to see my newest projects, just go to the last page. I always update here whenever I finish painting something. Thanks!

Spurred on by Kris' thread from a couple of years ago on the subject of 1/72 scale fantasy miniatures, I've started a project to build a convincing roster of fantasy miniatures as cheaply as possible. I plan on using plastic minis whenever possible, cheap craft store paints and "magic dip" (i.e. furniture polish mixed with black stain), and keeping everything in the neighborhood of 1/72-20mm scale. The goal here isn't to produce the most fantastic, award-worthy minis, but to get them as cheap as possible while still looking pretty good. My goal is to pay less than $.50 per mini, and while I'm sometimes over my goal, I'm usually well under it.

Both Caesar and Zvezda 20mm are pretty nicely scaled to each other. I've used their samurai lines before with L5R. And work beautifully in 1"=6 shaku (which happens to be perfect for laying out tatami mats...).

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