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Cheat Sheet/DM Screen

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Very nice, shame about that ink-intensive colored background though. Any chance on a no-background version?
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An awesome job by Slate Gray, thanks [MENTION=1]Morrus[/MENTION]!

I also second the motion for a white background version. And, while it is a plastyle question I gues, I am surprised potion miscibility made it on this DM Screen and not XP guidelines or treasure tables!


Well, that was fun
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He's sent along a new version which has layers to turn off the background and shading, and alternate tables on page 4 to replace potion miscibility and scroll mishap.


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This will be very useful when I run the game for my group in two weeks. Hopefully someone will make a landscape version I can print to put in my customizable GM screens. That's totally a luxury item, though, just having the charts handy is a godsend!

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