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Free Check Out the DeScriptors RPG for Free at DeScriptorsRPG.com


The DeScriptors RPG is a diceless, word play tabletop role-playing game driven by transformative character arcs. Your player characters will undergo a journey in which they never end a game session with the same traits they started with!

Available in ever-growing forms since 2015, the DeScriptors RPG has proven to be an extremely flexible and versatile game system contained in a deceptively simple package. It started life as a one-page RPG with a bizarre and hilarious kitchen-sink setting in the Anything Goes PWYW Version, and then underwent its own transformative journey in DeScriptors: Definitive Edition. That release added four new settings complete with scenarios and pregenerated characters, plus a massive number of optional and variant rules to show off the game's flexibility. This allows groups to dial up or down the complexity and fine-tune the game to whatever genre they want. All without sacrificing the fundamental power of story arc-driven narratives.

Now the latest version of the rules is online at DeScriptorsRPG.com!

This new website provides a version of the rules rewritten and reorganized for clarity so players of any experience level can get started quickly. A full example of play shows the transformative journey of a player character, annotated with explanations of different rules and narrative calls made throughout a game session. All of the current releases for the game are listed, allowing you to enhance your games with new options, variations, settings, and scenarios by picking up one of the supplements.

2021 will see a lot more coming out for the DeScriptors RPG! We hope you'll join us at DeScriptorsRPG.com and take your characters on an amazing and transformational adventure!


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