D&D 5E Check Out WizKids' Infernal War Machine Mini

WizKids has posted images for its Infernal War Machine 'miniature' (seems odd using that word on something this big!) as featured in the upcoming D&D adventure, Descent into Avernus.


"Infernal War Machines are the tanks of the Blood War, and devils use them to fight demons and move about the hellscape. After the massive battles of the Blood War, other denizens of Avernus scavenge these wrecked machines for parts to make their own personalized war machines. With the Infernal War Machine Premium Figure, add an extra dimension to your adventure and allow your characters to travel across hell in style!"

You can see the full stats of the Infernal War Machine here.

This $69.99 mini is over 11 inches long, fits 6 figures in the passenger area plus one in the driver seat, and has a removable hood. More images here!



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I think that its fair to say that I'm no longer on the fence over the "Mad Max but in Hell" direction of the new storyline.

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