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5E Chef vs Inspiring Leader


In the recent Unearthed Arcana there is a Chef feat.

I once had a character who was a chef and I represented that with the Inspiring Leader feat. Instead of a speech they prepared food which was much better than would be expected when on the road.

So how do they stack up against each other? Would I take the Chef feat instead?

Inspiring Leader:

At 5th level this will likely be 7-8 temp. HP per party member. With 4-5 party members that is 28-40 temp. HP per short rest.


It is a half feat so the effect should be about half as strong as Inspiring Leader.

An extra 1d8 HP recovery per short rest for all party members is significant at 5th level. That is an extra 36-54 points of healing for a 4-5 person party per average adventuring day. It might allow the party to push on through 1 more combat than they otherwise would. This could be the difference between completing their quest and failing to achieve their objective in time.

Treats: Once per long rest at 5th level make 3 treats which provide 3 temp HP each. As written the character can spend a few hours before the adventure starts to make many treats, I'm not sure if that is the intent. If the party is in a safe place close to the adventuring site they could have many treats which haven't spoiled.

Spending an hour to make more treats during the adventure seems like it wouldn't work out. That's an entire short rest.

The treats are underwhelming. They are what should be the fun part of the feat which feels the most thematic and yet they have little impact in the game and too few can be made. It also encourages finicky gaming of the system to try to make as many treats as possible and forces a tracking of time before the adventure begins which probably isn't fun.

I think the feat is certainly strong enough to be a half feat. I think I would change the feat as follows.

Make it a full feat.

Treats provide temp. HP equal to character level. Further, I would have them be made per short and long rest. The number can be kept to proficiency bonus.

The treats would provide fewer temp. HP than Inspiring Leader but more than they do now. At lower levels there also wouldn't be enough for everyone. The feat would scale well which is nice for a healing feat. This would be made up for by increased healing on short rest.

I think this version is more flavourful. While the current version is strong enough I may just continue taking Inspiring Leader for such a character if given the choice.

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The Smurfiest Wizard Ever!
This is why I said the feat should have done something other than provide HP, which IMO is pretty lame.

This was a great opportunity missed. The "treats" could have provided advantage against being frightened or poison, helped recover exhaustion faster, or any number of other things.

Ball totally dropped by the devs on this one. Shame, very much a shame. :(

(Personally, I don't even like the concept of the feat, but at least do something good with it!)

The current short rest HP text + choose one of the below:

Savory Treat: Gain advantage on the next roll they make against the frightened condition.

Sweet Treat: Gain advantage on the next roll they make against the charmed condition.

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