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Here are the 17 available Characters (I will try to get one more done for a total of 18....):

Al “Ka Boom” Minh Leong
Trademark Moves/Quotes: screams at the top of his lungs the first round of any action sequence; cuts super fast with knives, scissors, or anything with a blade under 12 inches; can jump to his feet instantly from a prone position; jumping turning wheel kick
Character Concept: an Asian-American stuntman who is fed up with being the nameless bad guys' henchman in movies and instead wants to quietly prove he can kick ass like the best of them

Matrix “Dutch” Hauser-Richards

Trademark Moves/Quotes: lifts up land vehicles whenever he possibly can to show off his freakishly huge muscles and strength; “I'll be back”; spouts bad puns whenever he finishes off a bad guy
Character Concept: A highly trained and skilled commando with a strong sense of honor who just wants to do the right thing in the field & to hell with the rest of a military/CIA complex that has double crossed him times too numerous to count

Johnny “Jake the Crow” Murata

Trademark Moves/Quotes: always kicks opponents low, often in the knees; kicks items in the environment at opponents; can jump to his feet instantly from a prone position as a non action; smirks and smiles good-naturedly whenever a buddy makes a witty remark and often responds witty banter, especially in the middle of a firefight or heated kung fu battle.
Character Concept: a philosophy student who grew up in Hong Kong then moved to America to study philosophy who believes in only using violence to set the wrong things right; who takes pride in his skills and wants to live up to the reputation of martial expertise that was the legacy of his father before him

John “Bruno” McHallenback

Trademark Moves/Quotes: Lights a cigarette at the end of every action scene; always makes smart ass comments when he is getting beaten up; taunts his enemies; says “Yip-e-ki-yay m***** f****** whenever he wants to tick off a bad guy”
Character Concept: A wise-cracking, no-nonsense, harmonica playing ex-cop who has lost his wife and kids and will do whatever it takes to save her or them

Scott “Lone Wolf” Braddock
Trademark Moves/Quotes: always talks with a wooden voice and squints when he is ticked off; always has an even temper; his roundhouse kick is the ultimate trademark move
Character Concept: A fundamentalist, right-winged, ass-kicking Texan ex-Ranger who has strong feelings and always fights against all things communist, unAmerican, and related to drug dealing

Dillon “Action” Creed
Trademark Moves/Quotes: punches like a jackhammer; takes off bad guys limbs; always tries to educate a bad guy on
speaking eloquently while kicking his ass; makes excuses/one liners for de-limbing opponents and smiles while doing so; always rips off his shirt off camera and shows his oiled and sexy chest whenever he takes a point of damage
Character Concept: a golden-glove-winning heavyweight boxer and Harvard law graduate who despises drugs, doesn't understand street slang, and is trying to employ the black op techniques he used in the CIA to make the world a better place

Chris “Dolph” Kenner
Trademark Moves/Quotes: constantly looks for the opportunity to make comments on the virtues of and lauds the samurai and bushido; always delivers his dialog with a serious tone and a slight Swedish accent; always pulls an over the
top, Samurai outfit out of his ass in a combat scene whenever he spends a point of Ite'.
Character Concept: A LA cop who likes Japanese food and culture, lives by the bushido, and surrounds himself with all things Japanese, but knows California law quite well and has an axe to grind with any who pervert the bushido in any way

Jean Claude Van Splitts
Trademark Moves/Quotes: Doing the splits for any reason, showing his round, firm, muscular butt to anyone who will look, and the line: “I've got to go” in a thick French-Belgian accent
Character Concept: A California pretty boy who feels like he has to prove he really can fight despite the fact that that he really is just the gym rat with some fancy moves that everyone says he is

Russel Snake “Jack” Burton
Trademark Moves/Quotes: It's all in the reflexes” and “Relax!”
Character Concept: An everyday guy who is just experiencing some extraordinary things and just wants to get home, drink a beer, eat a hoagie, and drive his truck with a life of freedom on the open road with the occasional hook up with a hot chick for some short term lovin' on a Saturday night or a short period of time

Marion “Sly Cobra” Rambolone
Trademark Moves/Quotes: Always shows his oiled sweaty chest whenever he attacks; speaks like a 9 year old
with bad english and “doesn't talk so good”; “Ay-O-O-Ay”
Character Concept: A former porn star & battle-hardened Vietnam vet who went on to become a heavyweight
professional boxer and ended up a cop who thinks “crime is a disease...and I'm the cure”

Mason “Nico” Ryback
Trademark Moves/Quotes: breaking an opponent's arm; always challenges & taunts opponent to attack him first;
Character Concept: an ex CIA operative who ran black bag operations in Laos, then returned from 'Nam to save
the environment, stick it to those who think they are above the law, & punish those who would harm little kids in any way, be it drug dealing, child porn, or subjugation of the childrens' parents

T. A. “Clubber” Baracus
Character Concept: A washed up ex-Vietnam vet, ex-heavyweight champion, ex-TV star with an axe to grind but the heart of a teddy bear who hates to fly, always promotes drinking milk and eating vegetables to children, loves his country, and still is as big as a house.
Quotes/Mannerisms: “I pity the fool who…”; always makes a nasally “Grrrrrrrrrrrrr” when annoyed; Always pouts and frowns when around adults, and flashes a big toothy smile around children; Never strikes an opponent with his fist until after he has thrown them at least once.

Samuel “Jules” Winnfield
Character Concept: An ex-assassin who had an epiphany who, always wanted to wander the world like Kang in Kung-Fu searching for enlightenment and helping people but ended up settling on being a government agent.
Quotes/Mannerisms: Almost always uses the F-bomb at least twice in any phrase he utters; always quotes the Bible like an evangelical minister before he drops an opponent to 0 points of STUN. Always puts his hand to his hear waiting for applause or just to listen to anyone when the spout exposition;

“Handsome” Chev “Turkish” Bacon
Character Concept: A highly attractive Olympic diver and professional football (soccer) player with underground connections who works as a chauffeur/bodyguard to pay the bills.
Quotes/Mannerisms: Talks with a soft, raspy British accent with extreme confidence and rarely raises his voice; often talks how easy it is for him to do something rather than someone else

Terry “Rowdy Hulk” Piper
Character Concept: A loud, charismatic, and friendly professional wrestler and construction worker who has a nagging, subtle feeling that everything is not as it seems.
Quotes/Mannerisms: Poses every time he makes a macho move with one of his biceps bulging and the other hand facing in a knife hand.Gets really testy if anyone makes a comment about his kilt.

Bodhi “Dalton” Eckert
Character Concept: An classically trained ballet dancer from Texas whose average size and outstanding athletic ability enables him to work any demanding deep cover assignment for the government from Venice Beach surfers to the underground bar scene in the Deep South.
Quotes/Mannerisms: “Pain don’t hurt”; No one puts (name of person) in the corner”;” Be Nice…until it’s time to NOT be nice”; Always moves perfectly in tight jeans.

Wesley “Blade” Cutter
Character Concept: A martial artist, detective, and movie star who has just made a bargain to use his unique skill set for government assignments in return for dropping the charges against him for tax evasion.
Quotes/Mannerisms: Never punches before he kicks an opponent, regardless of how close to them he is or how inconvenient; Always uses the most flashiest spinning move or high kick to the head; “Always bet on black!”
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Still using the GURPS Transhuman Space setting, right?
If I did Infinite Worlds, that'd be a different setting and a homebrew scenario, but I could use the iconic PCs from the Basic Set.

But it's just a thought. I'm probably better off sticking with the Transhuman Space scenario I own and just doing the conversion to GURPS 4e.


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the only difference with my kids I use PG13 for a langugae/sexual content guide; violence is pretyy much irrelevant when it comes to those two ratings...just one dad's opinion


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Here's my blurb:

Slot Two
Table ?
The Wreck of the Grinning Jenny
Dungeon World - Half D&D, Half Apocalypse World
4 seats
The pirates of the Grinning Jenny have been the bane of the South Seas for many years. Now they've sacked the Hesperus, taking its treasure and kidnapping Annabella, the daughter of Soubeton's governor. But the pirates' luck may have come to an end: they've foundered on a mysterious coral island in the Cursed Isles, and your band of adventurers has them in its sights. Can you defeat the pirates, seize their ill-gotten wealth and rescue Annabella? And what of that mysterious spire rising from the island's height?


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Hey Buzz.

Here's the Star Wars Saga blurb:

An emergency on the Galactic Republic's prison ship Sentinel IV led to a prison break, and while most escapees were caught and dealt with, a few managed to elude recapture. Enter the Tip Top Bounty Hunting Agency. They're the best, and they've been hired to track down the two most dangerous prisoners. Their orders are to being them in, dead or alive. With a couple of names and a couple of leads, the agency members are on the case.
This is a Star Wars Saga edition game for 5 players. Pre-gen characters will be used. No experience in the game or the SW universe are mandatory, but both would be useful.

Mark CMG

Creative Mountain Games
If I did Infinite Worlds, that'd be a different setting and a homebrew scenario, but I could use the iconic PCs from the Basic Set.

But it's just a thought. I'm probably better off sticking with the Transhuman Space scenario I own and just doing the conversion to GURPS 4e.

Your waffling ain't giving me much time to pick up a book and get acquainted with the ruleset. :D


We need event blurbs for the following events:

Trollbabe, Nev the Deranged
D&DNext, Dokomo
Ghosts of Albion, WebWarlock


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Ghosts of Albion

Here is mine!


Ghosts of Albion: Blight
Ireland is dying.
Her Protector has been murdered and you are the primary suspects. Can you clear your name, regain your magic and stop whatever necromancies befoul the land? Time is short, yours and one million lives hang in the balance. Set in 1847 this is an adventure for the Ghosts of Albion RPG.

Game System: Cinematic Unisystem
Rules Edition: Ghosts of Albion
Players: Minimum 5, Max 8.
Minimum Age: Teen (13+) (PG for some violence, and problem solving)
Experience Required: None (never played before), some knowledge of "Ghosts of Albion" is helpful.
Materials Provided: Yes, materials are provided for this game. You do not need to bring your own. One d10 is needed.

Here are the characters for the game.
Tamara Swift - England's greatest magician
William Swift - Her brother and co-Protector
Nigel Townsend - their friend, teacher and 1000+ year old vampire.
Lord Byron - the Ghost of the famous poet
Queen Bodicea - 2,000 year old ghost
Lord Nelson - Admiral and ghost

If needed we can also add
Farris - William's man servant and former champion of the underground fight circuit.
John Haversham - American, Scoundrel and sometimes paramour to Tamara.

You can find more information here, The Other Side blog: Ghosts of Albion including a Quick Play version of the rules.






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