Chicago Gameday 32 is July 14th - SIGN UP TO PLAY


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ekb & catt33 sittin' in a tree

2 for breakfast

Catt would like Trollbabe (AM6) & Bulldogs (PM5). I'm still needing to play Ghosts of Albion (as opposed to raiding and coverting it to BESM), so I need to be in that.
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the full set of pregens for Grimoire (AM slot)

1. Casanova, infamous Italian rake
2. Benjamin Franklin, "American" statesman and Master Mason
3. Martin de Pasquale, Rosicrucian voodoo master and Saint-Germain's chief rival
4. Voltaire, playwright and proto-goth entertainment superstar
5. Anton Careme, architectural pastry-mancer - ICED!
6. Madame de Pompadour, Courtesan & His Majesty's finest swordswoman - TAKEN!
7. Othar Tryggvaasen, gentleman adventurer! - PWNED!
8. Baron Munchausen, ... well, what needs to be said of the Baron?

... because gameday needs more zombie henchmen, ninja courtesans, enchanted madeleines, awesome hats, and mind-control bifocals. Justsayin'...
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I'll go ahead and be amused by the part where that's a statement, not a question, mwa-hahahhahahaaa.....

Let's just say there will CERTAINLY be some demise(s) happening, enough for you to have the Not-So-Secret Seventh Seat, anyway.

See Everybody Then!!!


:confused: Nope, the only question naggin' at me would be, "Gee, does this mean poor Arlene MAY be going blonde, again, and stuck in some pukey, flowery dress?!?" :erm: Lol

Arrrr... Buzz, I think I shall set sail leavin' yer landlubbers behind and join ma' mateys in Slot 2, Game 8. Dungeon World, "The Wreck of the Grinning Jenny". :D

Buzz, I've been staring at my notes the past few nights and I'm just not quite sure I can get a good game together in time for Gameday with as busy as I'll be the next few weeks. As I've only got one sign up at the moment, and there's plenty of room in other awesome-sounding events for both me and willow, please take my event down and put me in for some GURPS fun at your table. Sorry, willow!

If we get a huge surge of players over the next week or so and are in dire need of more GMs in the morning, I can hop back in with some 4e or something else.

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