DMs Guild [Chris Valentine] Procan's Promenade - A Saltmarsh Halloween [DnD 5e]


Procan's Promenade
Procan's Promenade - Dungeon Masters Guild | Dungeon Masters Guild

A celebration for the dead is suddenly halted as mysterious man is murdered in plain view.
The night is young and the merrymakers of Saltmarsh are enjoying their annual celebration. People from all over come dressed in costume to perform the annual march of the dead, from the sea to Procan's Temple. This traditional way to honor those lost at sea has become a yearly staple of the town. Suddenly, an unexpected intrusion turns the night dour.
This adventure makes for a great Halloween or masquerade session. The characters are enjoying a festival in Saltmarsh when danger suddenly arrives. This is presented as APL 3, but plays well at any level of Tier 1. Occurring in the town of Saltmarsh, introduced in Ghosts of Saltmarsh, this is easily adjusted to fit into any port city. This is a 4-hour adventure.

Inside you'll find:
  • Maps: Maps of the Snapping Line inn, Crabber's Cove, and a lost catacomb.
  • Includes new creatures and new magic items.
  • Contains a new Promenade Trinkets table for fun trinkets to hand out during the parade.
This adventure helps build upon the fantastic area Ghosts of Saltmarsh has created and strengthens a campaign using that book, though it can be run as a one-shot as well.

r/GhostsofSaltmarsh - Procan's Promenade - A Saltmarsh Halloween Adventure

This can also be a sidequest or starter quest for the Tendrils of Saltmarsh trilogy here: Tendrils of Saltmarsh: Expanded Content [BUNDLE] - Dungeon Masters Guild | Dungeon Masters Guild

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