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DMs Guild [Chris Valentine] Spellburst - Revised Magic Surge Mechanics


Spellburst - Magic Surge Mechanics - Dungeon Masters Guild | Dungeon Masters Guild

Revised mechanics for magic surges.

These new rules help add chaos to your game and give more opportunity to trigger unleashed magic for benefit or detriment. There are items that trigger surges, creatures that unleash them, and tables that cater the surges to their particular school of magic.
Inside you'll find:
  • Tables: A surge table per school of magic, magic schools table, whimsical backlash table
  • Includes new creatures and new magic items related to magic surges.
  • Contains new methods to trigger surges.

Hope you all check it out and find it useful, and have fun adventuring! Enjoy!

The rest of my content is available at www.cryptwright.com

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