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Christmas Comes to the Troll Dens!

Troll Lord

First Post
It's that time of year again! Christmas time! Stockings need filled! Presents wrapped! Trees laden with gifts for loved ones! Santa has generously given to the Troll all the plunder we were able to loot from his toyshop!! And now it's time to unlock the Iron Doors of the Dens and let all and sundry in to plunder the Lords of all Santa's hard work and toil. We've packed it in tight!

40% OFF ALMOST ALL Titles! Use your discounts and coupons for even more!

We have a mountain of books and games... Castles & Crusades, Crusader Journals, Fiction titles, Amazing Adventures and more . . . all in stacks, ready for you and your party of adventurers!

NEW: Be sure to check out our expanded Merchandise section as well as the Collectors Corner with the few LEATHER books we have left over. Many new items have landed in those categories.

Come! Now! Enjoy these, your Spoils of Adventure!

Troll Card 2015 small.jpg

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DM Howard

If anyone is looking for a great system that you can modify easily to fit your group then I would highly recommend giving C&C a look. It is, hands down, my favorite RPG. Join the Crusade!