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Christopher Perkins wrote three StarFrontiers screen plays!

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I'm curious whether they were a serious project, or something he wrote when young and just a fan.
I think youe right. Written young, old and have potential but you need to pull out the gringer, sand paper and buffer to polish that into something worth reading. Id imagine theyd be better served as a novel or series. Personally I probably wouldnt bother putting in the effort book, movie or game.

I really hope the latest D&D UA isn't a stealth Star Frontiers 5E reboot. I really hope it's Spelljammer. I love me some Star Frontiers...but come on.
Why not both? The Frontier might be one whopping big Crystal Sphere...
I didn't see Vrusk, Sathar, Humma, Ifsnits, Mechanon...
Mechanon can be approximated with Autognomes or Warforged.
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I played Star Frontiers mostly. Never played Traveller, still have never played it. I did play the WEG SW, but didn't really get into it until later (90s).

The nifty things about Star Frontiers that set it apart...
No FTL Drives; FTL is a natural effect of speed and distance.
The core races: Vrusk, Yazirans, Dralasites.
The core badguys: the Sathar - worms with arms! Alien enough to be alien. Understandable enough to be run.
The tech is understandable, but low enough not to instantly solve things.
Clear role protections, but not exclusions.
Plenty of adventures.

The big drawback? No starting ship-characters.

If I had to place Star Frontiers in the Traveller TL scale, I'd put it largely about TL 9-10, with Trek being TL 17-22 depending upon series, and Star Wars firmly over 20....

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