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Chronicles of Blood: Solo War Game


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A war game game for just one person - YOU!

The world of Arax is a world filled with blood and battle, magic and monsters, slaughter and sorcery. It is a world where the weak are crushed and the strong survive, where those who are bigger and more powerful bully those who are weaker and more vulnerable. It is a world at war, with armies clashing violently on the fields of battle. A great general is needed to lead these armies, and that general is you!

Chronicles of Blood is a game where you, the reader, takes on the role of an army commander in the world of Arax. It is your job to fight lead your troops to glory, destroying the enemy and either saving or conquering the world, depending on the army you choose.

Arax is a dark and dangerous world and a time of reckoning is approaching. The ancient empires of men, dwarfs and elves are crumbling, beset on all sides by the dark hordes of the orcs, goblins, demons and the undead.

The once magnificent elven forests, at one time beautiful, green and lush, are now withering and dying, the magically-crafted towers and wondrous tree-cities that lie within broken and shattered. Only the elven talent at manipulating mana, the magical force that permeates Arax, has stopped their race from being wiped out.

The dwarven fortresses built high in the mountains of Arax are now overrun with goblins, who burrowed up through the earth and attacked from within the otherwise impenetrable fortress walls. One by one the fortresses fall and, although the dwarven courage and skill with weapons is legendary, even they find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer number of goblins pouring in to their homes.

And humanity find themselves sorely pressed on all sides, their cities and towns constantly raided and besieged. The barbaric orc tribes march down from the north, pillaging everything in their path. The necromantic legions from the southern desert kingdoms shamble forward, unrelenting in their march towards the human lands. Some humans even turn against their own, worshipping demonic powers in secret and plotting the downfall of their race from within.

The final battles that will decide the fate of Arax are fast approaching. Soldiers line up on opposite sides of the battlefield, ready to lay down their lives in service to their commander. Will you lead your troops to ultimate victory, or will you fail in your leadership and suffer humiliating, crushing defeat?

The Core Rules are free, and premium expansions are available for $1 each.

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