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"circumventing a block" / EN World app


It appears there's a major disconnect between what the site moderation team expects and the technical details of the "EN World" android app by "Morrus" on the Play Store.


I kind of always assumed the following was common knowledge among the staff, but a personal conversation message I recently received tells me it aint so:
In the app, no ignore or block functionality works, like at all.

This means:
1) if I accidentally replied to or otherwise interacted with a user that has me blocked, I apologize. In the app, on my phone, I can't see or know this.
2) I am not (knowingly) "circumventing" any privacy controls. I am using the regular(?) app with default settings.

I will do my best to manually remember any user that has complained about me replying to them. I just want the site team to consider that any rules breach might not be malicious, and instead might be made entirely without intent, and indeed even without the perp knowing it.

Let's hope the upcoming forum migration will fix this incongruity between forum rules and forum access in practice. Let us also hope the new forum stops blocking access to entire threads just because they are started by a person you have on ignore. :)

Thank you

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