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Citizen In Name Only - A New Mission for Paranoia!


Citizen In Name Only, a brand new mission, is now out - report for duty, Troubleshooter!

You can grab your own copy right here: Citizen In Name Only

CINO cover small.jpg

The Computer rules Alpha Complex. FCCCP is a secret society that worships The Computer as a god. What happens when one of the many FCCCP popes decides she can rule Alpha Complex better than a god? Why, she starts taking over one sector at a time.

Starting in IAD Sector, she will prevent a new Indigo-clearance citizen from taking control of the sector’s government in the Central Processing Building. Then she will whip her followers into a frenzy over Citizens In Name Only, people who look loyal but are really terrorists. All those CINOs will be swept aside by truly loyal citizens (i.e. loyal to her) and she will remain in power. She even organises ‘grassroots’ protests against those damnable CINOs.

Wait, that sounds all too familiar....

Citizen In Name Only (CINO) is a complete mission for the Paranoia roleplaying game. Players will have two Troubleshooter teams: One that is anti-CINOs and one that is... well, not pro-CINOs per se, but at least against the FCCCP pope’s takeover. That’s right, players will literally fight themselves as the narrative flips between rival teams, including a climactic battle where players must plan the attack and the defence.

Stealthily murdering your Team Leader has never been easier!

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Mod Squad
Staff member
"Grassroots"? Friend Citizen, both "grass" and "roots" are from Outside. Knowledge of the Outside above your security clearance is treason. Please report to your nearest confessional booth for summary execution."

No, Friend Citizen, the fact that you didn't know "grass" or "roots" were from Outside before I told you is not relevant. Now, you know that fact. And knowing that fact is treason. Please report to your nearest confessional booth for summary execution. Have a nice day, Friend Citizen."

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