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Release City of Cats (FG VTT)


Belle Muerte
New Release
for 5th Edition
Kobold Press

Includes Predefined Line of Sight (LOS) for Fantasy Grounds UnityCompatible with Fantasy Grounds Unity
City of Cats for 5th Edition
Who Do You Trust in the City of Cats?

Welcome to the City of Cats, where some very ambitious people have their paws and claws out, where thieves prowl, and where the goddess Bastet herself walks the streets!

This city gazetteer and adventure collection is a perfect introduction to the Southlands campaign setting. It also fits neatly into any desert setting where cats are sacred and rats are cautious and sly.

City of Cats is FULLY COMPATIBLE with the 5th Edition of the world's first roleplaying game and includes:

*Three wild adventures for levels 1 to 5, loaded with memorable NPCs
*Dozens of fully detailed and illustrated villains, NPCs, and new monsters
*A poster map of the city's dusty streets, rich temples, deadly docks, and the River of Sand!
*An official 5th Edition character sheet for heroes in the city
*A complete gazetteer of its districts filled with adventure ideas and distinctive characters

Sniff what's in the air and prepare for adventure--in the City of Cats!


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