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Class Acts: Invoker - Secrets of the God Fragment

Bold or Stupid

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Shocking No thread in sight on this one so I'll kick things off...

Some Invokers have fragments of Gods in them (pick it out or it'll go septic). They can during Paragon tier buy a feat to awaken it. They get a small constant bonus and a 1/encounter boost to an encounter or daily power. Plus they are encouraged to pick up the god's personality quirks some.

I like the fluff, particularly the Quirks three word summaries of each gods personality. Sadly no evil gods are listed APU. I also like the opportunity to foreshadow the avatatr type epic destinies.

All in all nice short article with plenty of useful ideas.

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Mod Squad
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The mods have been more adamant recently that threads about Dragon content focusing on rules should be in the D&D 4 Rules forum, not General RPG discussion. :erm:

No. The source isn't the point at all.

Discussions of 4e Rules content should be in the 4e Rules forum. Most of the Dragon discussions have turned out to be about the rules presented in an article - say, about how balanced new class features are, and such.

If you run into Dragon content to discuss that isn't distinctly rules-related, it can go in General.


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I think the God Fragments are an excellent idea from a roleplaying perspective. I like the idea that the deity's servant slowly takes on certain traits associated with that deity.

I think it would be particularly interesting for someone roleplaying some of the negative traits, if the character did not start out with them. It's a great opportunity to bring in NPCs that knew the character a long time ago, who notice the significant changes in them, both positive and negative.

It also gives a good in game explanation for the character quickly gaining more power, serves as an excellent source of fun roleplaying as the characters move from heroic to paragon tier (as their god fragment begins to awaken), and sets up for a lot of fun at Epic levels, particularly if the DM uses plotlines strongly associated with the deity.


Huh. I read the thread title as Frog Fragments.

Maybe I should go back to the pornstar thread and see if the words change.

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