Pathfinder 2E Class Feat Charts for Pathfinder 2


Hi folks! While I was playing Pathfinder 2, I made up some charts to help figure out the relationships between class feats, and enough people have said they were useful that I figured I'd share them here. I haven't added all the recent classes, but I probably will at some point even though I'm not actively playing. You never know!

Pathfinder 2 Class Feat Charts

If you find any mistakes, please do report them here or on the Paizo forums (there's a link on the "intro" file).

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Is this different than Archives of Nethys?
The charts? Yes, they are PDF files that group all the feats by functional categories, and show prerequisites, how many actions a feat uses (if applicable), plus more info. My charts do link to the Archives of Nethys, though—you can click a feat to open its full description from there. The ones with ratings also have a link to the guide I got the ratings from.

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