Clearing the Khyber Mines


First Post
Having finally found the Khyber mines, the group encounters the ghost, the lava pits, the exploding Khyber shards, and the remaining insane miners, taken over by the ghost.

This was a big, sprawling fight over the whole mine complex, chasing the ghost, that was insubstantial and phasing.

Securing the mines gave the clan a broken (but repairable) teleportation circle and a great source of ready wealth. This is the clan's first step towards climbing out of obscurity.

When they return to the clan common rooms, they find that Elder Shaman Ogham has taken one of their brute squad hires, killed him, nailed him to the underdark side of the secret door and turned him into a psychic blasting trap. Don't want anything nasty coming up from the depths!

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